Executive Bios

G. Philip Feldman

G Philip Feldman

Chief Executive Officer

G. Philip Feldman (Phil) is the Area Chairman of RPS ISG International. Phil led ISG to both local and national prominence before merging with Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. in 200…

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Steven Robinson

Steven R. Robinson


As the President of RPS ISG International, Steve is responsible for all of the revenue generating business units in addition to the disciplines of Marketing and Claims/Risk Manage…

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Estelle Cummings

Estelle Cummings

Vice-President, Sales

Estelle is the Vice President of Sales for RPS ISG International.  Estelle is responsible for the development, management and execution of the annual sales plan as well as the man…

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Randall Pryor

Randall L. Pryor

Vice President, Client Services

As Vice President of Client Services for RPS ISG International, Randall L. Pryor (Randy) is responsible for the retention and service of RPS ISG International’s commercial and per…

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